Disability Statement

As web designers and developers we are committed to maintaining our own site within the compliance for internationally recognised standards from the World Wide Web Consortium. We strive to maintain a minimum standard that we apply to all work we carry out.

  1. This site has been built in W3C Web Accessibility standards in mind with a minimum target compliance level W3C WAI standard A A , to ensure accessibility to all users, irrespective of their physical ability. All pages tested to meet this standard carry the WAI-AA compliance logo.
  2. Testing on this site has been carried out by freely available accessibility testing tools to check that this site meets our standards. Tests are repeated on an ongoing basis thus ensuring maintained levels of accessibility.
  3. Great effort has been employed to ensure old content meets the above standards. Due to high volumes of content not all old content may meet the W3C WAI standards. Where content does not meet the standards pages have not been intentionally left as non compliant. Every effort will be taken to rectify this.
  4. The site is tested to support IE6 and above, Mozilla, Firefox.

We are dedicated to supporting all users. If you experience any difficulties using this web site please contact us by sending an email to webmaster@ahbsolutions.co.uk.

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