Demonstration Sessions

After an upgrade to software such as Microsoft Office, staff will struggle to get to grips with their day to day operation of the software, without some targeted and focused training. Demonstration sessions are designed specifically to deal with this problem. Staff will have the opportunity to attend one of these sessions which will, in the space of an hour or so (sessions can be tailored to suit each client), achieve an overall time-saving of many hours if not days. These focused sessions will enable staff to be up and running as soon as they return to their desks. The sessions can include demonstrations on subjects such as:

  • Where to find commonly used buttons such as Save, Print, Format, etc.
  • How to work with the new save version of Office documents
  • Creating PDFs from Office
  • Where are my dialogue boxes?
  • Where are my toolbars?
  • New filtering interface in Excel
  • etc.

Sessions can be held onsite typically in a boardroom / meeting room / spare office.